Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Bestfriend

Ally wasn't expecting this at all. Maybe a little but she still didn't think it would happen. She and Griffin had been going out off and on for 3 months now. They had broken up 3 or 4 times for stupid reasons. Everytime Ally's bestfriend Kaylie was there for her, to pick her up and tell her she can do better and that it's okay. Well this time when Griffin and Ally broke up it was final. It was a beautiful day, not the day you would expect a break up to happen on. Clear blue skies, 70 degrees, the fresh smell of newly cut grass, and the beautiful sunset was lighting the sky on fire. It was 8:30 and Ally was just leaving volleyball practice and checking her phone. She expected a "Hey Babe" or maybe "I miss you" possibly "what are you doinig this weekend?" Instead she got "Ally.. I think we should break up for good this time.." He didn't even bother to call her.

Heres the best part. Before hand he had commented on something to Kaylie and saaid "Kaylie i don't like Ally anymore but she relaly likes me, how should I break up with her?" On Facebook, really?? Yeah, he went that low and everyone saw it. Ally was in tears for the rest of the night and Kaylie was the one telling her that everything was goinig to be okay, that Griffin is a jerk and that he isn't worth her tears. Kaylie was being a great friend and Ally was so glad to have her.

Then the next day rolled around. After school Ally went out to dinner with her family and in the middle she got a call from her friend Briget. What Briget told her would shock her to the point of not knowing weather to cry or yell. Briget said that she and Kaylie and a bunch of other people including Griffin had been hangout today then Kaylie and Griffin had ditched and went to go makeout. Ally was crushedd. She still really liked Griffin and had hopes that they would get back together. She least expeccted it to be Kaylie that would do this to her. She wanted to wake up. To find out that this was all just a dream. She wanted to still be ggoing out with Griffin and none of this to have happened. But it wasn't a dream. It was all too real. Kaylie sure was some bestfriend..

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