Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Everyone needs a friend. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out who you want to be involved with though. For Ashley, this was completly true. She had gone through mutliple people she had gotten close with first there was Laurina, then Jennifer, Alexandra, Cass, Anna, Ellie, Juliana, and the latest was Kaylie. Some how they always found a way to make Ashley unhappy. Something about them just wouldn't fit Ashleys personality. Kaylie, the latest friend, had crushed Ashley. Kaylie had made out with the guy who just broke up with Ashley the day after he dumped Ash. Kensie and Sabra had always been friends. Ashley had known them, sure they were friends but she didn't want to intrude on their friendship. One day Ashley got a call from Sabra saying that she and Kensie heard about what happened with Kaylie and her ex and they wanted to know if she wanted to hangout.

Ashley met them and they talked. Aftereards it felt like they had all been bestfriends forever. Although Sabra and Kensie were bestfriends, they completly accepted Ashley. For once, she fit into a group with people. She could tell them anything and trust them not to tell anyone else. They were so close and still are. Ashley, Sabra, and Kensie are still friends and are unsperable. Kensie and Sabra are the best friend Ashley has ever had and she couldn't live without them.

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